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Our origins trace back to 2004 when we established our first hotpot restaurant under the brand of "Calf Bone Hot Pot King (小肥牛骨煲大王)". Since the opening of our first hotpot restaurant, we have been expanding our restaurant chain. We operated nine hotpot restaurants in various districts in Hong Kong under our main brand "Calf Bone King (小肥牛)". We have stood by our corporate motto "innovate, customers first and people-focused (創新求變、以客為先、以人為本)" and placed the primary focus on providing fresh and quality food, prime services and a pleasant environment to our customers in an innovative way.

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Circulars & Announcements
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28/06/2018Announcements and Notices - [Notice of AGM] NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING60.81 kB, PDF
24/07/2018Announcements and Notices - [Date of Board Meeting] NOTICE OF BOARD MEETING34.73 kB, PDF
10/08/2018Announcements and Notices - [Quarterly Results] ANNOUNCEMENT OF FIRST QUARTERLY RESULTS FOR THE THREE MONTHS ENDED 30 JUNE 2018373.19 kB, PDF
Financial Data
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15/08/2018Financial Statements/ESG Information - [Quarterly Report] 2018 FIRST QUARTERLY REPORT7.62 MB, PDF
29/08/2018Financial Statements/ESG Information - [Environmental, Social and Governance Information/Report] Environmental, Social and Governance Report 20182.14 MB, PDF
03/09/2018Monthly Returns
Monthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities for the month ended 31 August 2018
375.17 kB, PDF
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黑松露水餃: 小肥牛的黑松露水餃全為自家制產物,配以秘制醬汁再加入黑松露、蝦仁、木耳、筍絲及梅肉肉鬆,皮薄而且富又有口感!

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本地手切肥牛: 小肥牛的本地手切肥牛,咬起來相同有牛肉味,而且口感相當豐富

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